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Travels with Meera Patni

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For Ebook and printed Paperback

For printed paperback in South Africa

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When Marios, a young construction worker in Cape Town with a bright but predictable future met his girlfriend Zoe, an unsettling feeling came over him.


What next?


Zoe had another approach to life: don’t plan too much, rather follow your gut. Hesitatingly, and to great discomfort, the two decided to follow this notion all the way to India, with only one night booked at the Delhi Darshan, and only one rule – no flying. Without knowing it, before them lay a 30 000km overland journey backpacking across nine countries in the remotest and busiest corners of Asia. Slipping into an ancient world, they were captivated and carried away by the curious people living in or passing through these mythical lands.


It was while searching for glaciers in the mighty peaks of the Karakoram mountains in Pakistan that they found another treasure – and one which would alter both of their lives forever.  


This is a true modern-day travel and adventure story with a fairy tale ending – and one that is as inspiring as it is enlightening and educational. Highly recommended, and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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