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Marios Michaelides

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“The time for daydreaming was over. One thing was for sure: nothing could have prepared us for what lay ahead. Without knowing it, our lives were going to change forever.”

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Author, Travels with Meera Patni

Mark- NY

"You did a great job, the whole story had great momentum. Personally I know it's something I really enjoy when I put off reading the last chapter for a few days so I can stay in the story longer."


Travels with Meera Patni is a reminder of what can happen if we walk into the unknown, replacing fear with faith, and of the old truths still lurking in the remote corners of this world.


While travelling is not always as glamorous as it is sometimes made out to be, if we follow our hearts and allow ourselves to dream, we may find something so much more than money could ever buy- let alone what we could even have imagined possible.

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Reading between the lines, this novel provides a blueprint for others who have always dreamt of going on their own adventures and, like Marios, had no idea where to start.


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About Marios.

Marios grew up in Cape Town South Africa, where he spent most of his childhood climbing Table mountain or swimming in the cold Atlantic ocean. Perched atop the summit, he would listen as the relentless South Easterly wind brought imaginations of distant lands and untold stories.

Inspired by legendary sagas and adventures from authors such as Tolkien, Jules Verne and Michael Ende, he too dreamed of adventure.


On meeting his now-wife, Zoe, they were launched into their own personal adventure that led to the publishing of his first novel, Travels with Meera Patni, as a memoir for Zoe.


The name Meera Patni comes from the translation of "my wife" in Hindu and Urdu. Meera Patni is how Zoe was introduced when journeying through Pakistan and India while pretending to be married. 


He is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, working towards biodiversity conservation.

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